Eager New Homeowners Need Your Expertise

For your business to flourish, you must continually find and market to new leads. New mortgage listings and other courthouse data make powerful lead generators for businesses of all types, including home improvement companies, contractors, and more.

Our researchers collect data daily, directly from courthouse records.

At Public Knowledge Inc we work to provide the most up-to-date listings, giving you a jump on the competition. We don’t wait weeks or months for online information to be updated, so you’ll be the first to approach potential customers with your offer.

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Fresh Courthouse Data Collected Daily

Data that is out of date – even by a few days or weeks – can cost you sales. Public Knowledge Inc collects mortgage and other public information directly from the courthouse, long before it’s archived online.

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Time-Sensitive Homeowner Information

Highly targeted and timely new home buyer lists help ensure your company is the first to approach buyers regarding their remodeling and upgrading needs.

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Valuable Data for Your Business

Public Knowledge Inc collects data on new mortgages, foreclosures, tax liens, and judgements. Because we are on site, the data we provide is current - sometimes only hours old - giving you a valuable head start on the competition.

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